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kitty child earflap hat
Child Earflap hat
Racing Baby Booties
My New Baby Blankies
grannyhat and booties
An OLD Tshirt + crochet=New frock
Miss Kitty's Baby Sleeping Bag.
colorful crochet potholders
crochet vest
Hat and bootie for new born
grannysquarebooties and fishbags
Hello kitty hat and basketweave hat
For you non-knitters
black and white headband
navyblue sweater and earflap hat
headbands for my DD
hats for my DD
baby booties.......
MissKitty's Baby Round Ripple
My Great-Niece in a Poncho & Hat I Made Her
Two Blankets for Project Linus
Dragonfly Blanket
Baby Socks
leprechaun in pot of gold cocoon
Kitty Kat earflap
retro double bow hat
Irish baby set
santa hugs scarf
cauldon cocoon and beanie set
preemie cocoon for Naomi
Granny Star Afghan
She's here!
baby afghan
princess scarf
A little Christmas hat
witches hug scarf
Awww, these are adorable!
Zip-Neck Pullover
Fishy Baby Sweater
little calf beanie and cocoon
little mouse earflaps
pumpkin prince and princess
little witches and a halloween beanie
candy corn cuties
Poncho and Hat
little Lobsta
flower fairy hats
Sorry I have been busy!!!! Here are lots of pictures.
Boy baby blanket
My god kid's 4th og July outfits(IMG HEAVY)
This is so cute! (Annie's Free Pattern June 21, 2009)
Top for my daughter
My God daughter's in their Tiered Halter Tops
My Spring Breeze Halter Top
retro double bow baby hat
Red and Blue Bubbles Blanket
Hat I made today
Boy Bubbles Blanket
flowers,roses and bears oh my !!!
Bubbles Blanket
cute little boy pilots hat
out of the jungle...a little giraffe
On a roll with the baby blankets
Savannah belle
Another Baby Banket
Sweater Set with Blanket
Picture of my "baby girls"
My Baby Blanket
Another Shelle Ice Cream Cone Purse
Shelle's Ice Cream Cone Purse.
My girls' 4th of July Tops
pink frosted cupcake and cherry hat
Baby Blanket
Tiny Tux
ladybug crown and peekaboo toe sandals
a crown for a prince and some princesses
Posting Pictures
Kristanna in a Luv 2 Crochet Halter
blue ruffled skirt,tank top & shrug
baby pineapple sweater ,pinafore & moc crocs
Kristanna in patriotic and Alandra in pink.
Toys for UC Davis
Round Baby Blanket
Lucy and Sierra's Easter (Very IMG Heavy)
three peas in a pod
Little toddler snake scarf
Little Easter Bunny Hat
bunny toes booties and hat
I Finished My Six Year Olds' Socks!
My Sweater Sets
2 new patterns in my Etsy shop!
Blue and white cocoon for Thomas Michael
beanies and roundies
Baby Blanket With hearts
Blue Teddy Bear
Halter top from the Tospy Turvy Book
baby princess crowns
precious preemie
lil puppy hat
Rudy the Rectangle~ And "Super Rectangle Man"!!
more of shelle's kittens
chocolate cocoon and bunny hat
baby hat and booties
Pink and Brown Baby Set
SpongeBob dog sweaters
Speckled Pup
Crochet Baby Sweater
Made another top
Noah's Ark Afghan for My Newest Nephew
Lacy Baby Frock
Alandra's New Halter Top
Bunny Hat and Purse
little chick Easter hat
Shelle's Cat Hat No face
lil hat
bunches of baby hats
little kitten hat
Baby Blanket
Spiderman Round Ripple
Watermelon Halter and Hat
Crochet Flip Flops
Dora wears hats!
Little Sweater Sets
My Girls Today
Crochet pictures
Baby Blanket and Hat...
Colorful Preemie Hat
Baby Blankie
Baby's First Ball
Granny Star Afghan
Christmas Stocking
It's been awhile
Rainbow afghan
Pink Bunny Slippers
Knit Baby Boy Sweater Set
Here is a blanket I made a friend who is having a baby
Another Hexagon Baby Sweater
Sock Monkey..
Hexagon Baby Sweater
ABC Blanket
Captive Heart Baby Afghan
Teddyghans - done... *Update*
Mexican Milk Snake-Amigurumi-ish
Ensign Bear: To The Bridge!
Halfway finished hats
Easter dresses
Baby blanket and Bear..
Girls Hat, Scarf, Mittens Set
Guidepost Sweaters . . . for Charity
Rat Race Scarf and Garter Stitch Cloche
Another Love Bug
Doll Blanket finished...
Sea Monster I Tested
Baby dress
What are you up to?
Fairy Rainfall Afghan
Scrap Baby Ripple Afghan
Monkey Afghan - Hot off my Hook!
Another knitted hat and sockies
Stripey Bear
Floppy Friends Bunny
Scrumptiously Sweet Cape and Hat
Knitted Cap and 'Sockies'
Wanna be a tester?
New Mod...
Sweetheart Ripple . . . FINISHED!
EdgeryDoo blanket...
For a friends' daughter
For my little DD
Baby Ripple
Sweet Indulgence Ensemble
Sugar and Spice Jumper
Baby blanket, hat and booties
Garden fairy dress in Flamingo
Garden Fairy dress..
Baby Gift Set
Grandma Hugs
Easter Song Ensemble
Teddy Bear and blankie..
Valentine's Day Poncho
Web afghan..
Baby girls dress /hat andbooties and fleece blanket
Granny Ripple Afghan
Blanket for baby
Two Round Ripple Afghans
Baby Set Completed
Bubble Berry
Baby, it's cold outside sweater
Cookies Anyone?
Candy Corn Poncho Set
Easter Song Ensemble
On the hook...
My latest project- Baby Basket Cot Cover
For a Friend
Precious in Pink - But it's actually White
Another Round Ripple but...
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