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Lady Snow
Here we go again.........
I hate to ask but.......
More surgery
Marsha is fine
Prayers for Marsha
Prayers for Kari
Prayers please
Need Some Prayers For My Family
Just A Card For Chris
comfortghan for kathys son
Prayers For Tanner
Prayer Request For My Family
Need some prayers for my oldest son?
My sister-in-law's husband has died...update and closed.
Please pray for us
Thanks for all of the prayers!
Hoping for some peace of mind...
Prayers for our family
A prayer for UT Campus
8/17/10 Update - My Brother Barry at the end of posts
prayers for suzee
Can You Say A Little One For Me?
Happy Thoughts Needed Today
Prayers for Miss Kitty
Prayer's for Middle Tennessee Flood Victims
Our Dear Friend Nicol is in need of some prayers
please pray for my doctor and me
Kahud is having some health difficulties...
Prayers for our family
For my Sister-in-Law's husband...
Prayers for America
The News is not so good - Update on 2/8/10 see below
Prayers Needed Now...
God bless you all this Christmas!
prayers needed
help needed
Prayers for DH
Need prayers
Prayers for job decision
please pray for kathy(losingmymind2)
My Bp is acting up AGAIN!
please keep our family in your prayers
prayers needed
Please pray for us
Prayers on fingers....
Prayers and good thoughts for the ladies of CM, new round...
Prayers for all the ladies of CM....
Concern for Miss Kitty
Mom w/A Motif's Dad
Continued Prayers for my Husband
My Dad....
Prayer Request for Husband
I am still kicking...
Hubby got laid off
Need prayers for our fearless leader..update 7-14-09
Prayers for all our ladies who are feeling ill or who...
please pray for an end soon to this harrassment & abuse
please pray for our family
A Safe Flight
My Husband
Please pray for my MIL
Prayers please
Prayer Request-My DH Got Laid Off Today
Prayers please
prayers needed for my fil
Surgery is Over
Prayers for my daughter
WKU On Lockdown...Gunmen On Campus
Pray for good weather
Still Not Doing Very Well...
Hello to all
Prayer request
Kathy is in the Hospital - She's back Home Again
Prayers for my grandson
Prayers needed
In Need Of Prayer
Prayers and explaination
prayers needed
Job Interview
For my Aunt and her 3 daughters and the rest of the family..
Prayer Request
Lots of Prayers Needed for my Brother - Updated January 29th
Prayers for my brother and his wife
Marsha Hoffmann
prayers needed
Please pray for my son, Tim
Need Prayer for my SIL
Updated Post Below - Need some good vibes sent, Please
Prayers for all involved.
Please pray for my brothers unborn baby and his wife
please pray for me someone hit my car today
Prayer Request
Back to Full Workweeks, Blecchhh.....
Hello From Your New Mod!
please keep our community in your thoughts and prayers
MOM took a bad fall today
please pray for fil
prayers badly needed
Prayers for my SIL..
please keep my family and me in your prayers
Prayer Request for my BF
Prayer Request for MIL
Prayer request for my mom
Trying to work my way back
Prayer request
Prayer for my DH please..
Update from an old Maniac.
Prayers for my son
Yet another set back in our house
I'm new...but I have a request.
My BFF Rachel
Need some strength
Having 'a day'...
Prayer please
This Too Shall Pass by Helen Steiner Rice
please pray for the trapped miners in utah
In Need Of Positive Thoughts Today . . .
Bridge Collapse..
Prayers Have Been Answered!
prayers needed badly
Please Pray For My Husband
prayers needed for my family
A prayer for Viqui's daughter
FATAL Bus Crash Here today
Linda's Kitty Cat Is Passing Away
Prayers needed ~ UPDATE~
prayers for my cousins
Prayers for sailor son#2
Prayers for me and my family
Linda Is Sick (thegothicl)
please some prayers of healing
Special Thoughts and Prayers for Lisa
I hate to ask...
I don't know if I can take much more
Please add to your prayers....
Prayer for my Husband
my uncle died
i need some prayers for me
Prayer request
Family of 4 lost everything in house fire
BIL in Hospital....
how is your brother
Prayers for my brothers quick recovery
please pray for my son
Prayers for the Garvin's
Please pray........
Prayer's for Janice at 5 mins for mom
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move!
My Cousin Crystal- Update Post One
Me again.. My Uncle
please say a prayer for my husband
please pray for my uncle
My son
Prayers for my daughter
Prayer Request(s)
Just a few prayers...
My Nephew Is Addicted to Coke
need prayers for my DD's nephew
Next Few Months...
EDITED:Prayers for one of my best friends and her family.
Good Thoughts for a safe delivery
Pray for the saftey of the people in my city
please pray for me
Homeschool Mama about to give birth to child who will die...
please pray for my daughter
Guess What Guess What
Prayer request for Shella's son
please keep my family in your prayers or good thoughts
Teen family member attempts suicide
My Story---In A Nutshell---Prayer And Advice Needed
Please Pray about the St.Judes Drive
Please Pray For My Daughter And Friends To Be Safe.
Please Pray For My Parents Especially My Dad((UPDATE))
For my son
Please cross your fingers
Safe Journey
Lene's Dad
please keep itsy in your orqoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
If you can find it in your heart...***updated***
A thought or two for my baby, please!
Been feeling bad and not posting much
please pray for my kitty
For my husband's 'father' -- UPDATED
Friend moving to Tennessee
Good Thoughts - Prayers (Update AGAIN!!!)
Geezy Peezy! UPDATE
Mother's Day
please pray for my family
HUG request and UPDATE
My prayer request today
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