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Tuesday January 7th
Football Sunday Here
Short vent.
Updated Photos
How's your weather?
Fun Time Camping 2011
I really don't like Mondays very much...
My Hubby's Work Burned Tonight!
Look at the cat...
Kratos on the prowl!
Video of Chris and the wild ducks!
Dumb Kitty!
Happy Monday?
It Rained!!!!!!!
Would you eat this?
It's Graduation Time!
You are not going to believe this!!
Happy Mothers Day 2011
My Friend Dana
Happy Easter
I'm a little frustrated lately...
Happy Birthday Kathy
Sorry I have been gone so long!!!!!
NC in the News
Weird News and Pics
For Your Information
I bought yarn...
Yep, I have been on the sick side again!
Time To Decide Where To Live
Set Back To The Old Template
Miss Kitty and Emma
Amber Alert I Got In An Email
Our Andy is in an Auto Tech Competition Today
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Birthday Card For My Dog - From Her Veterinarian
We got snow!!!!
Gone For A Couple Of Days!
I'm in the Newspaper! (no, I wasn't arrested, LOL)
Donations For Going Ads Free!
Need Prayers
OH WOW!!!!
Mr Kitty's coffee table....
Hmmmm, Just Noticed Something
YooHoo, Selena....
I am looking for this...
Ads Running Now With Sound...
I am getting bored
Happy New Year 2011!
Checking in
A Christmas Eve Snow Fall!
"Merry Christmas"
Love the Christmas decorations on the site!
checking in
Yep, It's Me!
Kathy said to say HI!!
CLOSED! Holiday/Greeting card exchange!
WE WON! We're off to State on Friday! UPDATED BELOW 12/5
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my creative friends!!
Snow, Snow and More Snow Here
We Won!!
Just Another Busy Week....
Fall 2010 in NC
HAPPY FRIDAY! What's on Your Schedules?
Our Andy got hurt playing Football -UPDATE 11/3/10 See Below
Going to be a Grandma again!!
What's Your Week Look Like?
Seems Like Yesterday!
NC Coast Trip 2010
Football and More
It's Still Alive!
Twitter anyone?
Thank You All So Much!
I got a suprise....
Bought A New Car!
Kathy Is Not MIA
Been missing you ladies!
My Mama Cat is Really Sick
More Computer Problems- LadyHhere..
Computer Probs
Does anyone know...
July 4th Celebration
I'm Back
My Nephew and new Niece are Expecting
Can You Name This Plant...
On Vacation
I'm Home!!!!
Here it is......Cookie Salad Recipe
Pardon the language..
Shrooms in the garden
Thursday Morning
Happy Mother's Day!
Miss Kitty?
Spring Color- Sprucing Up for Curb Appeal!
A 4 day weekend coming up!
just need some hugs
Dinner at............................
What's happening in your world today?
Happy Anniversary!
You are invited to join the "Tag-&-Silly" swap
You are invited to join the "Play It Forward" swap
Is it Spring yet?
A day Away
Spring Cleaning
Gardening 2010
A beautiful photo taken from my porch 2/27/2010
please vote for my friend amy
It's snowing in Austin,TX-Update pictures added
Plane Crash!
Writing down what's in your cell phone....
Texas Culinary Academy........
Crazy Weekend
A Foggy Tuesday Here
Miss Texas is a former Miss Tri-Cities (where I live)
You are invited to join the Tag-&-Silly Swap!
Online, free, audio bibles: links
It's Monday Again
Spring 2010 Classes
Inspirational quotes and sayings
Moving 2010 News
Here's to 2009 being over and 2010 being better!
End of the Decade
My son's 3rd published article...
Monday Already....
Anyone like Perry Mason shows? Link...
Article Number Two!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Ozzie and Harriet: Christmas show 1956
What's Christmas look like in your neighborhood?
My oldest has just had his first article published!
Offline for a couple of days
Recipes for things from restaurants and name brands
Too Much Ice Here!
Google Wave
Lion Brand Homespun
crochet today
Charming old movies to watch online: links
Boys Are Horrible Housekeepers!
Just want to jump and scream
First Snow!
I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, Friends
Just had to brag......
We need another person....
Advent calendars, online: links
Anyone know what this tree is?
Fearless Leader, Gone Til Monday!
Happy Turkey Day!!!
Fall 09 Progress
Substitutes for things in cooking: links
A couple having a great time playing a duet: link
Just saying Hi
Miss Kitty's on injured reserve.
Healthy indulgences food blog: link
What Am I Thankful For Today?
Cold weather greetings....
Want to let ev1 know
How to post a photo?
Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday
Dessert recipes, anyone?
Rand Paul
"Not so bad ideas": nice list I found on the web
My Son
Plummer Butt!
Ladies Campout
Useful site for research and out-of-print books online: link
Book of the day: free pdf downloads, lovely old books: link
Anyone here make cold process soap?
Soaps Gone Buy! They are doing a give away!
VIDEO...Does God Exist?
Ideas for Christmas gifts, without buying: link
Big Test Today! Edited Title: Semester Musings
I've been posting at the other board: link
Fun date with my mother: went to quilt show
String Fever
Momma's Been Shopping!
Homemade Sweet Potato Fries
Short video on how to make "an instant book", nice
Crochet Word Search!
Funny Video...Ode to Forgetfulness!
I have missed so much...
Miss Kitty
Son#2 Driving!
Please LIKE my photo on facebook
School 2009-2010 Started
Summer is turning to autumn
Vintage sewing patterns: link
Swine Flu Update
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